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EAF effort required to guide the market demand for the outbreak

          2005 domestic electric market to maintain the momentum of rapid growth in the previous year, the overall size more than doubled in 2004, has reached a new height - annual sales of 15.125 million units, sales of 4.66 billion yuan.

2005 important domestic electric power market sales growth from within the industry to actively promote. In order to get rid of the electric furnace gradually confined to eat hot pot, boil water and other uses of temporary use, upgrade it in the family has become a commonly used stoves, many manufacturers are in the terminal sales, advertising and public relations activities and other aspects of doing a lot of positive attempt, annual publicity, promotion after another, such as BOC Hong Kong Science and Technology and the China Cuisine 
          Association's "Midland Cup" the first national electric cooking contest, Fuji treasure "for the people of my kitchen America" ​​promotion campaigns. A lot of publicity and promotion of literacy in 2005 cooker sales have played a good guide. In addition, compared with the 2004 market, a typical change in 2005 was a black flat panel quickly became popular, the results of which is the industry's demand for a successful boot manufacturers. Black panel in about 2002 to enter the Chinese market, mainly used on most high-end products, in 2004 after the domestic black panel production capacity to form and supply a large number of lower prices, many manufacturers have increased the intensity of the introduction of electric black panel products. By 2005, the board has been presented furnace mainstream trend, design and more diverse. Through the application of the black panel manufacturers to make their own prices in the market rapidly expanding the size of the process, get an opportunity to maintain and enhance profits.

          In fact, for the majority of the industry's manufacturers, competitive pressures in 2005 than in 2004 significantly increased the relative strength of the obvious advantages because some brands have been in force in 2005, so that in the market size to maintain high growth situation, medium Now do masterpiece strong brands face the future can only shrink the situation, while many small brands still attack the season, off-season when the rest of the guerrilla mode is now hidden in the regional market, but also to medium-sized brands added some problems. In the national market has a strong channel and brand management capabilities boss microwave, electric stove new army - Glanz, become a new 2005 electric energy market. From New Year's Day force, its market share is continuing to rise rapidly into the top 10 sales, one year, other major brands have a tremendous potential threat. So even though the market is also continuing to expand, and in 2004 the difference is, there has been a downward trend in the electric market in 2005 the number of brands available sales statistics. Shiner within the scope of monitoring appliance retail, 2005 can count the number of brand sales decreased from 193 in 2004 to 179. In addition, in 2005 the brand concentration decreased slightly from the overall point of view, but not very significant, mainly brand competition intensified the second group.

2005 Furnace continued volume expansion, this momentum is able to maintain the future  Shiner that from 2005 to see the future, the development of electric market still has plenty of room to grow, but if the current single furnace domination will not be changed after 2-3 years, the growth rate of the market will quickly slowed down significantly sales scale will enter a stable state. Important variables and opportunities that exist in the market to promote electric double stove, double stove if you will be able to start the popularity of the product, electric market will face a new world.

          On the source supply, gas constant prices, and the price difference of electricity in the short term to form a strong low-end market for electric pull; synergistic industry chain has been formed to meet the needs for rapid development also provides good support. Overall, the future depends on the electric industry-wide market force, together visionary power companies need to seize this good opportunity to jointly work together to develop and promote the development of the industry demands.

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