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Straight after the microwave electric market

          As a highlight of small household appliance market, furnace being walked into the vision of the urban population. Weekend, some large shopping malls in Nanjing, often the general public to join in the business, manufacturers of electric cooking contest organization, its scenes of warm, almost equal to the grand popularity a few years ago when the microwave oven. In this regard, the industry bolder prediction: With electric drop in price increase in volume, features and services are maturing within five years is expected to exceed sales of microwave ovens, rice cookers decade achieve considerable penetration.

          In the market for over 20-year-old furnace why the product is still in period  Chen Kang Jieshao general manager of Guangdong Midland electric marketing center, the presence of early electric quality of instability, high prices and other issues, causing bottlenecks in popularity. In recent years, as more and more manufacturers enter the industry began a "reborn" type of revolution. Currently on the electric market, Guangdong Midland and Sunpentown Taiwan is the first intervention in this market leader in the small household appliance market successes of the nine-yang, the United States also have been involved.

          Major changes brought to the market many brands intervention is a new look, new technologies, new concepts of electric products in emerging markets, led to the development of the whole industry, but also to customer acceptance and awareness of the furnace has been increasing. Small appliances Nanjing Central Emporium  manager, said that in recent years, manufacturers in the functional development of electric dynamic enough brains to make a soup out of a single furnace, and hot water heating function, can become a real alternative to the modern family kitchen stove new equipment. For example, PTT's design, cooking, porridge, hot pot, fry and other functions are simplified to a single one-button operation, making the home for the elderly children can operate freely. In addition, the entire Chinese menu, overtemperature overvoltage protection, no automatic shutdown operation two hours also reflects the design of user-friendly color.

          As a new stove, electric stove whether can replace the traditional gas stove  Xu Wanping, and now a lot of trendy home in the decoration to consider an alternative to traditional gas stove with electric eyes, the Chinese manufacturers to take care of the kitchen cooking characteristics. In particular, the development of a flat stove with built-in dual-use products, so not only no fire, safe operation, fried vegetables come from is also handy. Chen Kang, general manager of Midland Marketing Center believes that the price of electric and market penetration rate are closely related. Dual electric stove just published, the price of up to 4,000 yuan, and now the average market price has been around $ 2000, this price is not high compared with the brand name stove. For this reason, the industry is quite confident that the next few years, the market will be            
          completely electric reshuffle, some unqualified SMEs will gradually withdraw from the market, but at the same time, electric penetration will leapfrog to increase sales in 2006 are expected to total electric market will reach 20 million units, making the electric stove microwave truly become a reality to catch up.

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