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This winter hot furnace

          This winter, the furnace has finally started to rise popular.

          Electric appliance is not a new product, in Europe and America residential electric and gas stoves use almost half and half, and the furnace to enter the Chinese market has been nearly a decade old. EAF past sales tepid, but quietly popular this fall season, the mall is like last year's sales staff describe electric baking pan, in fact, already there, it was only found to be like.

          It is understood that the domestic market has more than 30 brands of electric furnace, where there Shunxiang account.

          Sales staff said, changes in the market is the key to the concept of change. Past the city electricity, electricity for cooking is not dare to think of something, and now electricity for cooking is not only a new fashion green energy, or economic, health, convenience, scientific way of cooking.

          For analysis, a lot of strong sales of electric winter quietly reasons, the first is the impact of modern family kitchen concept. Modern kitchen has become a major trend, with safe, clean, and beautiful furnace filled with fireworks replace other stoves have become a strong consumer desire, but it is non-polluting electric furnace, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and other advantages precisely to meet this consumer demand. Cooker simple operation, easy to use, most people can look at identifying features can be operated using, in particular, its no fire, no emissions, no smell, automatic power-off protection, etc., especially for the elderly and children to use.

          Followed by furnace more and more functions, more advanced technical quality, fully meet the needs of the average family. Of traditional low-end electric only when it is used to eat hot pot, with only 3-4 months a year, and now high-grade electric water heating, cooking, cooking, shabu soup, barbecue ...... family cooking everything OK . Varieties and grades to choose from on the market there are many, there are ordinary, functional, intelligent and automatic induction type, a single burner, double burner, three burner, the price of imported high-grade up to several thousand dollars, domestic both middle and low prices from 300-1000 yuan, can fully meet the needs of different income families.

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