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Kitchen electric furnace to do the "new people"

          "Furnace can also boil water, cook than rice cooker, electric kettle power." Appliance stores a salesman, said to reporters. And then general manager Zhao Hao-Electric Company calculations breakdown: the same as a family of three to cook a meal of rice, cooked with the rice cooker, electric about 0.29 degrees to 0.35 degrees; do with intelligent electric, just 0.245 degrees electricity 0.27 degrees, electric rice cooker saving ratio. And electric furnace in 2003 experienced a price war after the country, walked into the field of view of ordinary people, working-class prices, energy efficient, safe, clean, and easy to use, has been accepted by many consumers, large have the potential to replace the traditional stove.

          Early electric exist unstable quality, high prices and other issues, causing bottlenecks in popularity. In recent years, as more and more manufacturers enter the industry began a "reborn" type of revolution. As a new stove, its price trend and market penetration rate are closely related. Dual electric stove just published, the price of up to 4,000 yuan, and now the average market price has been around $ 2000, this price is not high compared with the brand name stove. The next few years, the market will be completely electric reshuffle, some unqualified SMEs will gradually withdraw from the market, but at the same time, electric penetration will increase by leaps and bounds. Relatively high-profit electric industry and the Chinese market, unlimited prospects (about 400 million Chinese families to achieve 10% penetration rate will be astronomical EAF), many manufacturers will be attracted to the appliance industry.

          Currently on the electric market, the first Pentium and Supor are involved in this market leader in the small household appliance market successes of the nine-yang, the United States also have been involved, as well as to seize the most effective low-end market, such as Fuji treasure. Involvement of many brands to bring to market a major change, new look, new technologies, new concepts of electric products continue to emerge, led to the development of the whole industry, but also the customer acceptance and awareness of the furnace has been increasing. Manufacturers in the functional development of the electric furnace is moving enough brains to make a soup out of a single furnace, and hot water heating function, can become a real alternative to the modern family kitchen stove new equipment. Especially PTT design, cooking, porridge, hot pot, fry and other functions are simplified to a single one-button operation, making the home for the elderly children can freely operate, as well as a full Chinese menu, overtemperature overvoltage no automatic shutdown operation two hours also reflects the design of user-friendly color.

          Ran Zhao, general manager also said that in the current small appliances among the highest electric furnace technology, manufacturing principle of electromagnetic induction, the furnace does not produce heat, pots and pans for cooking food heat itself, safety, smoke, no fire , burns does not occur, small heat loss. Moreover, some of the traditional electric stove is much more advanced than in the use of the process will not burn the bottom of the pot black, it does not produce black smoke and toxic gases, but not because of forgotten off switch and lead to accidents. It is also to small and exquisite, color-rich, easy to operate, no heat radiation, high efficiency and energy saving has become a major highlight of the kitchen market. Using electric heating of food, no other part of the loss, and thus energy security, it is also self-adjusting firepower, the temperature can be arbitrarily controlled. On cooking skills, cooking, porridge, steamed, soup, fried everything can be competent, shabu-shabu, do barbecue is also very good, or even replace some functions microwave and rice cooker.

          Currently, the main kitchen appliances on the domestic market, the rapid rise of the microwave, electric rice cookers and other products. According to authoritative statistics, last year the national total production and sales of cooker 7,000,000 units, an increase of more than 75% this year, the domestic market capacity may be more than 10 million units, worth more than 4 billion yuan,  
          becoming the highest growth rate of kitchen appliances . Although the furnace in our country has just entered the popular stage, but the annual growth rate over 65%, according to conservative estimates, over the next five years, the cooker will have market potential in China 7000--8000 million units.

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