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The type of electric heating boiler
[PROBLEMS] students of electric boiler type?
[answer] 1) resistance wire heating tube furnace is the resistance of electric heating tube is arranged in the water medium container body for heating medium water, thermal efficiency of the heating method is relatively low, there is generally no more than 77%, easy scaling, use for a long time due to the surface of the heating pipe by scaling, reduce the amount of heat dissipation, thermal efficiency is decreased, resulting in electric heating tube internal heat is too high, caused the overall damage, short service life, generally for 2 years, so in recent years have been phased out.
2) induction type electric heating boiler is a kind of traditional electric heating technology, it will be converting electrical energy to magnetic energy to change into heat energy, the induction heating with frequency, intermediate frequency, ultra audio frequency. The frequency heating is generally 50kW ~ 400kW. Beijing Qi Ya Technology Development Company using this heating method is developed for power frequency induction pipe type liquid heating device, take module assembling method for large-scale centralized heating users use. This heating, thermal efficiency can reach above 90%. Induction heating with descaling effect and avoid the electric heating tube is easy to occur the phenomenon of breakdown, but the manufacturing process is complex, high cost, so the equipment cost than the electric heating tube is about 20% higher.
3) semiconductor nano rare earth film electric heating boiler, the furnace heater by the latest semiconductor nano electronic film heating technology for electric heating, its characteristics are: stable power, use long life, up to 50000 hours, heating speed, fully cooling, than the resistance wire heating tube more than twice as fast efficiency increased by 30%. This heater is using a variety of doped semiconductor rare-earth elements of the new material, after processing into heating glass or ceramic containers made of external, internal medium flow is heated. The electric medium and absolutely separate, so the safety performance is good. With the ordinary electric heating tube heating boiler with small starting current, high heat conversion rate, long service life, no fire, no fouling, slow attenuation efficiency and low operation cost. But this is only suitable for the heater power is below 50kW single firing and single heating, large power is further developed.

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