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Look at fashion "gas electric double oven"
The kitchen has become an important part of the contemporary household, more and more people will decorate the kitchen into a place that is full of fashionable feeling, of which a sign of cooking utensils is show master grade style. Have a news a few days ago, a new type of "electric double oven gas" will be formally launched. It is understood that this gas electric double oven have induction cooker and kitchen burning gas two parts at the same time, gas stove part adopts double loop fire, piecewise fine-tuning. Electromagnetic range part adopts imported from Japan antiskid porcelain plate, high strength and wear resistance, and both can be used at the same time, also can be used according to their own need to choose one of them.
"Double oven gas electricity", satisfy the need of the traditional open flame cooking, and for the health, environmental protection, convenient modern cooking way, is the best of both worlds, a fashion family ideal cooker.

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